Take a look at some of our client server solutions

Applied Server Solutions

intelHUB Server Solutions handle global clients with all types of business professions and size. We look to build on trust and a great working relationship with everyone who becomes our client, and safeguarding your data is just one mission critical element of what we do. Our services are bespoke, so you will never just have to pick a server or hosting solution and make do. If there is something you need, we will always look to help you the best way possible.

Server technology and network infrastructure is advancing every day, and whilst we work towards greater solutions, we also manage Legacy Solutions for backing up your old data, especially those companies that have to migrate old paper copies to digital.

Our services are available to every client and every server type we have from Dedicated to Cloud, so if you need Managed Servers or VIP Server Support, you have the option to choose this. If You need an IPv4 or IPv6 bundle for each server, or NAS Storage, this is also available. For those that require Dedicated Servers with no support and only SSH access - then you can have that too.

Manufacturing Plant

On demand servers with high speed networks and secure access which deliver the results of data information and processing speeds with blazing performance. Always there, always on, and always ready to provide the server solution you need without compromise.

University Campus

A power-house of Dedicated and Cloud Servers are used on demand for increasing processing levels and high impact use for students that require immediate results without compromise. Seamlessly access and store your data with speed and efficiency.


Online storage, client access, back office processing, architect and government upload areas are handled with ease and efficiency, allowing your business to succeed in the construction industry. Our servers are built to perform with power on demand.

Gaming Design & Development

Our Dedicated Servers with the GTX970 2xGeForce Graphics Cards and the Tesla M60 are just two of our best selling servers to the gaming design industry. With plenty of RAM and SSD storage, there's plenty of scope to design and build your applications.

Law Firms

Our server solutions are designed and built with security levels a priority. Daily processing and file storage is made easy, access to directory partitions and client areas are secure, making use of our VIP Service guarantees 24/7/365 support.


All clients want to upload their information online, saving time and money. Our server solutions handle all daily processing and back office services with simplicity but ultra tight security levels. Legacy data and archiving data is handled with our NAS Storage.

Retail Fashion

More retail and fashion business is online than ever before, and growing fast. Our cloud solutions make it a breeze for high impact data demands for user viewing, payment checkouts, and back office processing that makes you super efficient.


Hotel bookings and reservations demand high availability network speeds which we provide for all clients. Data storage and backups are taken care of, which you can access at any time. Servers for global locations and advertising are ready now.

Realtor, Estate Agents

Advertising property listings, arranging client meetings, scheduling viewings demands high speed servers to handle all internal communications without compromise. Cloud servers are built to handle all fast moving data and allowing remote access.


We understand the frustration and technical issues around sending out hundreds and thousands of email newsletters every day/week/month. Our Dedicated Servers have the full range of facilities, networks and infrastructure to handle it all.