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Your Features

Imagine your very own secure vault where you keep your files and documents, personal and business information, where every security aspect is covered and monitored, keeping everything private and secure - now imagine this is yours.


Separate your personal information from your professional life

You and your Family

Protect your family from the mainstream file saving arena


Secure your business profile activities in a separate environment

Secure Access

Two factor authentication to validate user login designed in a secure encrypted environment

Permission Levels

Allow permission level access to your family and management teams, so you're in control of privacy


Data-loss prevention is automated and secured through our solutions so you'll never lose anything

Here's What You Get

  • Secure Vault Environment

    A tailored solution built and designed around you and your lifestyle. Adaptive and fluid operating seamlessly without intrusion offering complete control in what you want to keep private, share and make public.

  • Easy User Interface

    Secured login with two factor authentication ensures access to a user interface screen which allows you to store your documents, files and media type safely.

  • Monitored 24/7/365

    Our UK Network Operation Centre manages your environment against any type of attack or defence breach, and maintains optimum performance.

  • Always Backed Up & Available

    Your complete vault environment is continuously backed up so there's never going to be an occasion where you experience data loss - plus you can access your vault from any device at any time.

Imagine Your Own Personal Secure Data Vault

  • Is this an app?

    No, this is a totally bespoke IT solution tailored specifically around you. It comes complete with a dedicated IT support team that handle your daily requirements. Think of it as your personal IT department.

  • Who uses this type of service?

    Typically this service is used by professionals in sports and athletics, movie and music industry, and of course it's open to others too.

  • Where will my data be stored?

    Whilst you may currently save your existing data to a cloud provider somewhere, our service is tailored to you and kept away from main stream storage solutions. You will always know exactly where your data is stored.

  • So what's the difference?

    Our solutions are built entirely for you, covering anything you need from personal/family data to your additional business ventures which contain sensitive information on all levels.

  • What makes it safe?

    Consider intelHUB as your personal IT solutions department who monitor and maintain your data security 24/7/365. Your solutions are not shared with any other resource or client. It's tailored from the ground up, and totally secure.

  • What about management?

    intelHUB manage and maintain everything from system performance to threat prevention, administration to permission levels, strategic meetings and discussions to - well you get the idea.

  • What can I put in the data vault?

    Anything you like. We build a scalable solution so you'll never run out of storage availability, and you'll never lose your data. The solution is fluid, so we can add as many directory folders as you need, to whatever area you need it - personal, family, business.

  • Can I control who has access?

    Yes. Permission levels are set to your exact requirements, so you will always have full control over who has access to your data. You can allow as many 'User Access' logins as you like eg. Management Company and lock down the directory access and file access within a particular directory.

  • What about Non-Disclosure?

    We take your identity and business very seriously. Non-Disclosure agreements are guaranteed. We do not share, sell, discuss or disclose any information whatsoever.

  • Can intelHUB support my whole IT needs?

    Yes, we can offer support services for you as a VIP Overwatch client.

What do we mean by Managed Services?

Consider us an extension of your business

An asset functionality 24/7/365 allowing you to perform your daily activities with performance and efficiency, operating seamlessly without intrusion yet offering complete control in what you wish to keep private, share and make public. 
  • Call us

    Free advice and a great way for you to ask questions before deciding to make any commitment

  • Meet up

    A visit to your location of choice. You will be assigned a VIP Team and dedicated telephone number

  • Let's get going

    Welcome to VIP Overwatch. This is where we design and build your tailored platform and solution for your data vault

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