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UK and Overseas Dataset
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Research Tool for Land Registry UK & Overseas Company Datasets

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This Land Registry dataset includes the UK with approximately 3.3 million rows and overseas with approximately 100,000 rows of data.

These Land Registry datasets are updated monthly and ingested on the release date, usually around the 2nd of every month, with identification markers and filter results for easy visual information.

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Research Tool for Land Registry UK & Overseas Company Datasets

Land Registry Commercial and Corporate Ownership Data is a subset of the Land Register containing data describing registered titles relating to land or property where the registered legal owner is a non-private individual and is not a charity.

HM Land Registry: Commercial and Corporate Ownership Data - approx 3.3 million rows of data
HM Land Registry: Overseas Companies Ownership Data - approx 100,000 rows of data

We only acquire datasets from official government sites and build research tools to help you search and filter for the information you require.

Together they describe nearly all commercial and corporation aggregate titles registered in England and Wales.

Manage Property Portfolios Search Title Number
Acquisition of Property Filter by Proprietor Name (company name)
Analysis of Property Risk Filter by Post Code Area Location
Support Decision Making Filter by Local Authority Area
Improving Transparency of Property Ownership Filter by Company Registration Number
Strategic Analysis of Property Owner and Location Search UK and Overseas Company Ownership (who owns what and where)


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