N1-HIGHCPU-16 vCPU 16 RAM 14.4GB
  • N1-HIGHCPU-16 vCPU 16 RAM 14.4GB

N1-HIGHCPU-16 vCPU 16 RAM 14.4GB

VAT excluded

n1-highcpu-16 vCPU 16, RAM 14.4GB

High CPU Private Cloud, grow from prototype through to full production scale without having to think about reliability, capacity and performance.

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n1-highcpu-16 vCPU 16, RAM 14.4GB

Starting point solution with High CPU Private Cloud infrastructure. All support, fully managed and high availability is included.

Making the leap to Private Cloud does not have to be hard or difficult. In fact, we have designed some amazing solutions and built a great secure infrastructure that will make your transition to Private Cloud pretty much effortless.

Designed to free you from the overhead of managing infrastructure, provisioning servers and configuring networks, the intelHUB fully managed solutions take care of everything.

Private Cloud is scalable to suit any business type and this pre-specified machine is no different. It can be upgraded with all the bespoke addons you require, at a moments notice.

Info! Everything from this point is scalable and flexible to suit your needs.

This Private Cloud is pre-specified with the following:

(for the full specification, please read the PRODUCT DETAILS)

Machine Name: n1-highcpu-16

Memory: 14.4 GB

Persistent Disk SSD Storage: 250 GB

Cloud Regional Storage: 500 GB

Load Balancing Rules: 2


Data Centre Location: London


Data sheet

Contract Term
1 and 3 Years
Machine Name
Virtual CPUs
Data Centre Location
SSD Persistant Disk Storage
Persistant Disk Storage
Load Balancing Network Traffic Processed
Cloud Backup Storage Location
Regional Storage
Private Cloud SQL
Second Generation
High Availability Configuration Enabled
db-n1-highmem-16 HA
Cloud SQL Storage (Provisioned Amount)
Cloud SQL Backup Size
Private Cloud Network - Egress to a different zone in the same region