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intelHUB Private Cloud is UK owned and based provider of hosting solutions for business.

Companies deciding which type of hosting solution to use, first have to consider how critical the data and applications are to their business including any regulatory or data protection requirements relevant to their business. Legal, financial and health service for instance must comply with strict rules regarding the control and security of their data and are more likely to choose a private cloud solution for its higher grade security and flexibility.

If you're not sure, we can help you with this.

intelHUB Values

Unified and unique, everything is analysed and every detail is noted to provide you with excellence and precision results, maximising efficiency on every private cloud solution.

Law Firms


Our server solutions are designed and built with security levels a priority. Daily processing and file storage is made easy, access to directory partitions and client areas are secure, with high memory and high cpu servers ensuring scalable resource with superior performance.

Accountancy Firms


All clients want to upload their information online, saving time and money. Our server solutions handle all daily processing and back office services with simplicity with ultra tight security levels. Legacy data and archiving data is handled within your Private Cloud.

Retail and Fashion eCommerce


More retail and fashion business is online than ever before, and growing fast. Our private cloud solutions make it a breeze for high availability data demands for user viewing, payment checkouts, and back office processing that makes you super efficient 24/7/365.

Construction Firms


Online storage, client access, back office processing, construction and architect upload areas are handled with ease and efficiency, allowing your business to succeed in the construction industry. Our Private Cloud servers are built to perform with power on demand offering seamless efficiency.



On demand Private Cloud servers with high availability networks and secure access which deliver the results of data information and processing speeds with blazing performance. Always there, always on, and always ready to provide the server solution you need without compromise.



A power-house of Private Cloud Servers are used on demand for increasing processing levels and high availability use for administration and students that require immediate results without compromise. Seamlessly access and store your data with speed, efficiency and security.



Hotel bookings and reservations demand high availability network speeds which we provide for all clients. Data storage and backups are taken care of, which you can access at any time. Servers for global locations and advertising are ready now.



We understand the frustration and technical issues around sending out hundreds and thousands of email newsletters every day/week/month. Our Private Cloud Servers have the full range of facilities, networks and infrastructure with high availability to ensure blazing performance.

Property Management

Property Management

Advertising property listings, arranging client meetings, scheduling viewings demands high speed servers to handle all internal communications without compromise. Private Cloud servers are built to handle all fast moving data and allowing remote access.

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