About Us

Learn more about who we are and what we do

Who are we and what do we do?

intelHUB Server Solutions is a global hosting provider of Dedicated Servers, Cloud and Web Hosting solutions for any size business, located anywhere in the world. If you need to host a simple website, we have a perfect package ready and waiting for you - and if there is nothing that suits your requirement, then we will make one for you.

For the business that requires server hosting, then we have plenty of choice to suit from small to medium business, legal professions, accountancy, right up to the corporate levels with multiple servers over multiple countries, networks, NAS Storage, and so much more.

Adam W

Managing Director & Founder

intelHUB Server Solutions was built from ground zero and carefully crafted into a very successful company based on efficiency, reliability & trust. This is an important factor for both colleagues and clients. You are important, you matter - and you matter to us.

Tracey S

Director of Client Services

Leading an excellent client service team who manage all customer service relationships, covering all levels of business and size. You are important to us, and we make every effort to provide efficiency and professional results.

Aaron M

Director of Technical Services

UK, Europe, United States, Canada and Australia Data Centres require 24/7/365 dedicated support from experienced server and network engineers, technicians and architects. My role is to ensure this evolving world of servers maximise on fluid efficiency.

Samantha M

Director of Support Services

Managing a team of support staff is a brilliant job, i love it. Every day is always a great day with new and exciting challenges from a range of global clients. My team handles all of your first line incoming enquires and support tickets.

Rob F

Head of Development

Heading up a fantastic team of business development specialists is a rewarding position within intelHUB, providing our expertise to business requirements every day. We are advocates of delivering you the best solutions.

Louisa P

Head of Domains & SSL Certs

Security of your domains and ssl certificates are always of paramount importance to us at intelHUB. Auto renewal reminders for domains and ssl is programmed in automatically, so you will never loose your domain or experience ssl expired issues.

Our Values

Unified and unique, everything is analysed and every detail is noted to provide you with excellence and precision results, to maximise your efficiency on every server. Taking note of the little details can make a massive difference.


Premium servers with high grade components and superior networks comes as standard.


You require the best performance without compromise - we provide exactly that.


99.99% is the ultimate because 100% does not yet exist.


Any hosting service or server is packed full of features, we have thought of it all.


Maximum efficiency with blazing performance is by far the best value for any business.


Your data and ours is important and something we take very seriously.

Helping You

What makes us different from the rest? Well, having 98% of our client base choose to stay with us, speaks volumes. It's not just servers and your business hosting that matters to us, we make a difference to every business because we care about WHO and WHAT comes on to our servers. We take note of your requests and offer amazing support for all customers, what ever size business you are.

Not everyone is a genius at hosting, or even understanding what type of server they need. Servers are very sophisticated and we spend a lot of time and money in researching the best servers and solutions for all business infrastructure. This allows us to help you choose the right server, or servers you need.

Pay As You Go Monthly

We do not believe long-term contracts are effective, or beneficial, so we have removed them from all Dedicated Server and Web Hosting solutions.

Pay as you go every month - simple, straight forward and easy.